A quick note to those coming here from reddit

I”ve noticed a fair bit of traffic coming over today to my “Prudes Progress” tag from a reddit subforum, http://www.reddit.com/r/feminisms . I’ve tried to leave a comment there but the moderators deleted it, so I’m making a note here instead.

In that forum, moderators have a history of deleting comments from trans* women who criticise radical feminism. They also delete comments from anyone who points this out.

To make it worse, the moderator who’s most active in deleting trans* comments, yellowmix, is a man. A man is deciding which women have a say about feminism and which don’t – or rather, what can and can’t be said. Including comments by the author of a post about her own post.

I’m a radical feminist who produces radical feminist work. So my articles are valid tender there. But the comments of any trans* sisters who want to challenge them aren’t.

I’m deeply uncomfortable with any situation in which my voice is promoted over my trans* sisters’; even when we might disagree, even profoundly. So if you find links to my work there, I hope you enjoy it; but please also be aware that the view you’re receiving of trans*feminism is deeply distorted in a way that I find outrageous as a trans* woman and as a radical feminist.

(Note that, sadly, http://www.reddit.com/r/feminism isn’t exactly better. It’s run by Demmian, who’s an MRA. For a decent feminist forum on reddit – or at least the best you’ll find – I recommend http://www.reddit.com/r/srsfeminism.)


7 thoughts on “A quick note to those coming here from reddit

  1. that really sucks. but, on a positive note you must really be hitting a nerve if you’re getting reddit flames. i follow your work closely and am grateful that sisters like you are out there speaking truth. stay strong, i love you and your sisters love you. this love makes us more powerful than anything we face. victory is assured. we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. we will save ourselves. this is happening now, in hearts and minds. our sisters are waking up and joining together. xoxo

  2. @March: Heh, the problem isn’t flames, but conditional support. Posts left up there if they’re radical feminist. Comments taken down if they criticise radical feminism. I’m on the “getting support” side of that, and I don’t appreciate it. I don’t want a voice at the expense of others!

    Thank you, though, for the absolutely lovely and supportive comment. This kind of support, I’ll take! I’ve been having a rough few days for other reasons, so it’s very kind and timely. 🙂

  3. AFAIK the MRA who runs the other “feminism” forum is a woman – but she got the post from a chain of events leading from back when the founder of the mensrights forum on reddit managed to get control of the forum, so same deal really. Yes, it’s all a bad joke.

  4. Reddit remains utterly exasperating in all its various permutations. Being held up as “one of the good ones” by noxious people has always made me feel sick, I’m sorry that it’s happening to you now. Such a terrible lack of respect.

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