Lisa is an ethical prude and proud, and this blog is about radical transfeminism; that is, transfeminism done radical, not radical feminism done trans.

The comments policy for this blog is as follows: I, a woman, claim the right, not granted to women, of making up my own damn mind. As such I will publish comments which I want to publish. Think of it like submitting a tiny guest post which may or may not be welcome. I will publish almost all comments which call out privilege, but apart from that, it’s zero trollerance.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it to bits, thank you for being out there adding to the grand unified field of free thinking feminism.

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  3. Hello, I am a radical feminist and longtime proponent of anti-transactivism. After reading your blog I am for the first time convinced that radical feminism and trans are not necessarily opposed. Thank you for your bravery and clarity.

  4. “After reading your blog I am for the first time convinced that radical feminism and trans are not necessarily opposed”
    That just made my day 🙂

  5. I’m a radical feminist who has always been dismayed by the treatment of trans* people in radical spaces. Thank you for this space 🙂

  6. hi. I’m a radical cisfeminist who lives in france. As english is not my native language, i’ve done a translation of one of your article: The Gender Ternary: Understanding Transmisogyny. I think this article can be useful in the context here (at least it is for me), and I was wondering if you could allow me share the translation of your text (with your name and your blog’adress of course). As I’m not a pro in this, I’ve let appear the english below. It’s more like a help for reading, actually (anyway it’s the way I see it). You can contact me on twitter @kokorokhic . Thanks.

  7. I’m a gender non-conforming person, and this blog is helping me change my life and approach to all relationships. Thank you so much. As I navigate the terrain of being in relationships with unequal power dynamics, I refer back here and it is like medicine.

    I was originally shown these articles by my good friend who is a privileged cis male. I think he would agree that it has helped his pursuit of dismantling patriarchy in himself.

    Thank you!

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