radtransfem on Tumblr

Just a reminder that this blog has a sister on Tumblr which is where I make more regular, much smaller posts, as well as reblogging things I find interesting. A few of my recent Tumblr self-posts:

In case you don’t use Tumblr, selected posts (all self-posts, some reblogs) are automatically linked both on Twitter and Facebook, so take your pick.

PSA: Accessibility for this blog

I’ve been going through a blog accessibility checklist in the effort to ensure this blog is as accessible as possible, for example, to people using screenreaders.

One issue brought up in comments is that the light-on-dark scheme is hard to read. I actually find light text on dark background easier to read, because the way my dyslexia works means that dark-on-light dances around and it’s hard to keep my place. But I’m aware that light-on-dark can be an issue, so here are some options for viewing the blog in a different contrast scheme:

  • If you’ve got access to an RSS reader like Google Reader, then you can read the full posts on there via the RSS feed for the blog
  • In some versions of Firefox you can click View, Page Style, No Style and you’ll view the basic page text
  • In some versions of Internet Explorer, it’s View, Style, No Style
  • There’s a thing that you can bookmark and then click from your bookmark bar to change the colours on a site (thanks, Barry Deutsch)
  • If you paste in this before the “http” in the URL, you can get a Readability view of the page – click the button which appears at the top and it will show in black and white:


Any other suggestions for accessibility?