Can I reference you to prove that another writer isn’t transmisogynist?

No. They’re probably transmisogynist.

Sometimes in the past I’ve posted or reblog quotes by feminists whose other work includes hatred of transsexual women. This included but isn’t limited to the work of Janice Raymond, Mary Daly and Sheila Jeffreys. By posting their quotes on other subjects I didn’t endorse their work on transsexuality or consent to be used as a token transsexual in discussions of their legitimacy. That I referenced them isn’t proof that I’ve “forgiven” them, that under radical transfeminist analysis their work is proven to be trans-inclusive, or that their other work balances it out. I don’t plan to reference them in the future.

Can I reference you to prove that radical feminism isn’t transmisogynist?

No. It is.

I am not a radical feminist, and my feminism is not radical feminism. It’s not radical feminism done trans, but transfeminism done radical (and before you get clever, no, the “radical” does not mean the same thing in those two phrases).

If you like, you can cite me alongside at least two others as proof that, at least, a small group of people have a feminism which has some similarities with some branches of radical feminism and is not transmisogynist. But you should still be able to demonstrate that you are aware of and can discuss a body of thought, beyond just my work, that shows how this all ties together in practice. Otherwise, you’re just tokenising me and what I write.

Can I link your work to someone who wants to read radical feminist work that isn’t transmisogynist?

No – my work is not radical feminist. However, if you want them to read good feminism – and I try to write good feminism – please go ahead.

If someone’s doing one of the things you criticise above, can I link them to this page?

Yes. Hi, person linked to this page. Your argument is automatically wrong. You lose.

I’m a journalist.

I don’t speak to journalists and I don’t want you having anything to do with my work.

I’m a trans/cis man.

My time and energy is not for you. Please don’t bother me.

I’m a cis woman wanting to reference or otherwise use your work in academia or an organised political campaign. Can I?

Please contact me (for example by leaving a comment here). In your message, explain how you want to use the work. Please also detail how this will benefit trans women. Note that “raising awareness” and “giving your work a platform” are not benefits.

Will you speak at my campus/conference/event?

I’m thinking about it! Please contact me and let me know what you have in mind – we can talk.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello! I am a cis woman, who has had negative sexual experiences in the past and would consider myself as sex-negative. I currently debate for Weber State University in Utah, and I’m working on an argument against Prostitution affirmatives surrounding sex positivity. The argument is that lack of education surrounding sex leads to a litany of bad things and until that is address we shouldn’t further implicate sex positivity into a political that is always already patriarchal. I would really love to cite your article, but didn’t want to do so without permission. Please let me know, thank you

  2. hi a,

    can i ask if you’ve had any personal involvement with sex industries? i’m fine with the fact that as a cis woman, you want to use the writing of a trans woman, to make your case about sex-positive feminism – but i’m always firmly on the side that says the only people who get to speak for a given situation are those with a deep personal stake in and personal experience of that situation. in the case of anything around “prostitution”, that’s people who have been personally involved at the cliff face of commercialised sex or sexual exploitation. i’d rather not contribute to the growing body of work about people in sex industries written by people without that personal stake.

    feel free to contact me privately if you’d rather not answer this question in a public forum. if you’d like your original question deleted to preserve your privacy further, let me know, and i’ll remove it.

    in sisterhood,

  3. Hello, my name is Blaire. I was curious about this blog as I’ve only recently came across it. Personally, I consider myself a racial feminist. I believe that radical changes need to be made to the way society thinks, including how it regards gender. But I am also trans, and the majority of radical feminists I have met have accepted and embraced this – they don’t see anything wrong with it. I’m just curious as you seem to say that radical feminism IS transphobic. I have found it for a large part, to not be?
    Maybe I have just experienced a small section of it but I just wanted to show my experience. We have experienced different things in the radical feminist community.
    Would love to discuss this further,
    thank you and hoping to have reply from you.

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